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I’m so upset cause there were 3 little girls (I assume sisters) who came into the store today with a bunny, which they’d said they’d gotten at a fleamarket for only 25 dollars. They let me hold it and it was very stiff, and seemed scared. They were handling it way too roughly and just petting all…

When I start to develop a crush on someone

When I start to develop a crush on someone

I know how you feel Phil

I know how you feel Phil

Mario 3D World Big Band - World 8
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Pubes aren’t gross. Armpit hair isn’t gross. Leg hair isn’t gross. Fat isn’t gross. Bones that stick out aren’t gross.

Body policing is gross.


first date ideas: show your date to everybody in town… wearing a salmon suit






Or, you know, you could just stop saying sorry.

"i have a problem i can’t control" 

"stop having that problem omg"